CASA UOC Development Workshop

CASA UOC Development Workshop


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This 1 day (weekend) workshop will guide you through the preparation of your application for your UOC – by preparing and completing as far as possible during the workshop your actual UOC application ready for submission.

The workshop involves everything UOC – down to the maintenance plan! The only consideration here is that as we may not know your particular aircraft, and we definitely do not know your intended business. Because of this we cannot provide the exact detail for that equipment during the workshop. We rely on your input here. What we can and will do however is make sure that you have everything in the OC that you require to successfully submit your application, and if there is specific information that you need to provide which you do not have readily at hand, you will know EXACTLY what is required and how to present it.

If you come to the workshop with a working knowledge of your particular systems, then you should have no problems in completing your actual UOC application. If additional information is required to complete the application we will let you know exactly what is required, and where and how it is to be included in the UOC.

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ReOC 12-18 08-12-2018
ReOC 01-19 29-01-2019
ReOC 02-19 23-02-2019
ReOC 03-19 23-03-2019
ReOC 04-19 13-04-2019
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