Future Skies

Future Skies© Program

Future Skies© will be a tailored education program aimed at secondary school students and youth development organisations that explores the link between technology and application – teacher based/student based learning experience.

The program objective is to deliver into classrooms, via an integrated web-based portal with teacher notes and lesson plans, recognised education and training syllabus. The portal will also have links and downloads of course programs, videos, graphics and other learning material for students.

In addition, the portal will also provide information for students to download career information as they pertain in the unmanned systems industry, information about university courses in robotics and engineering and the latest news snippets from around the world on unmanned systems technology.

Maryborough SHS students learning about RPAS on a field trip

For further information on the future skies© program, and how your organisation may become involved, please contact us.


Mueller College students with the Mini-Warrigal RPAS